Yoga Web Design for Cristi Christensen @ Exhale in Venice, CA

April 3, 2012

What can I say? I love my yoga peeps!

This most recent design is for the one and only fire goddess herself, Cristi Christensen. Cristi teaches classes at the Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA in addition to being a master teacher at national/international yoga events. She is also the center’s Program Director.

Cristi’s website is a WordPress hybrid meaning part is on the WordPress platform and the other was using good ole fashioned Dreamweaver. That way she got the best of both worlds. We also made matching business cards using rotating fronts (meaning her cards all have the same backs, but we made three versions with different photo fronts).

If you’re looking to take yoga from an all around cool chic, Cristi is your girl. This is her first website, and it’s just getting started. Show her some love on her blog, Facebook or Twitter! Visit her at





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