Vasquez Rocks: Nature Photography

December 3, 2011

If anyone remembers the scenery from Star Trek, you might find the below rock familiar. Why? Because Vasquez Rocks is where it was filmed!

Beautiful Vasquez Rocks is a state park located near the Santa Clarita area of Northern L.A. County. Not only was Star Trek filmed there but so was Roswell, Austin Powers, Short Circuit, Planet of the Apes and the Power Rangers. Countless other T.V. shows film there when they’re in need of a desert meets Mars type of landscape such as CSI: Las Vegas and Saving Grace.

Nonetheless, the locals know it as just a good ole place to go hiking with over 900+ acres to explore trails and amazing rock formations.

I took the below photo right before a major storm was rolling in. I used the method of manual HDR by taking the photo on a tripod with multiple exposures and then merging them in order to create the most dramatic result I could. Keeping the same ISO and F-stop, I simply used numerous shutter speeds for different levels of ambient light.


vasquez_Rocks_ Nature_Photographer

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