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January 14, 2012

Well I’m not sure if it’s the top of the tier of the “unsexy” photo shoots. I’m sure some photographers camping out in Botswana waiting for some decent shots of lions while having not bathed or brushed their teeth in over a week would probably argue with me. But let me just say this was pretty damn unsexy.

I’ve been trying to build my food portfolio without having the luxury of full access to neither a food stylist nor a chef and all the props that come with them. So I’ve basically been having to plan, cook, style, shoot and produce my own shots in order to get exactly what I want. So far I’ve melted ice cream on my props, burned my spaghetti sauce, grabbed whipped cream that I thought was still good but alas was full of mold, and left soy sauce sitting out for two days until Terri finally had to ask “what the hell is that smell?”

The pics below are just a small sampling of my kitchen and our trashed studio space that sadly resembles a teenage boy’s bedroom with crusty plates of food shoved everywhere and day old fowl and mysterious odors. Never mind the fact that I’ve been shooting this in mismatched sweat suits and no make-up wondering around my house like a homeless person digging through boxes and drawers trying to find unconventional food props. Notice the fact I left out any pictures of myself. You’re welcome.

So if anyone ever had a vision that an in-studio photo shoot is always make-up mirrors, mimosas and glamourous ambiance with the newest GaGa soundtrack going in the background – let me introduce you to the wreck that is my kitchen and studio room. This is how the real magic happens! LOL!

Click here to view the final shots from this food photo shoot. =)

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