Travel photos or lack thereof

October 31, 2012

I’ve been thinking a lot about my previous travels lately. Most likely because I haven’t traveled outside of the US in 4 years (this week). I’m also excited about the places I will be traveling to in the future because their are SO many places I still want to go to. And what makes it even better is that I’ll be going with Terri. That makes it so much more exciting!

So it’s days like today where I would bust out a photo album and take a look at the photos of the places I’ve been. Not just international venues either. I’m talking about the 30-35 states I’ve been to and major cities such as Chicago, NYC, and Miami. And then I realize that I don’t have one! What?! Gasp! The horror!

That’s right. I use to be the type of person that tried to live in the moment. I never wanted to be bothered by taking photos because I thought it slowed me down. I am also such a perfectionist and because I never had a nice camera, I thought “Well, forget it. Why waste my time if they’re not going to be any good?” But now as I get older, I really miss the opportunities I had when taking travel photos.

Would you believe I spent three weeks in Jamaica, and I don’t have a single photo of any of it? That’s pretty bad. I literally have ZERO photos of other places such as Quebec, British Columbia, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Spain. I have MAYBE 2-3 photos (one of which is above) of London even though I’ve been there four times and only one photo of my week in Taiwan. WTH was wrong with me? LOL Thank goodness I took boat loads of pictures in India.

So as I write this, I’m in the process of digging out any possible photos I might have and just don’t realize. Not only was lack of picture taking an issue, but of course there are other things such as multiple house moves, getting rid of photos of exes – you know the deal. Sometimes great photos get lost in the trashing of photos of the ex. hahahahaha

I guess my point to this whole thing is to encourage anyone reading this that might be getting ready to embark on international travels is to PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS. It doesn’t matter what type of camera you have or if you use your phone – take TONS and TONS of photos and back them up onto your computer. Considering most phones have cameras built into them, there’s literally no excuse not to take a buh-gillion photos.

Don’t end up like me and having to resort to Googling photos on places such as Barcelona just to reminisce on past travels. You’ll thank yourself later!

Cheers and safe travels!

Some fun phone photography apps:

Camera+ (personal fave)
360 Panorama 



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