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Do you have a recipe you want to share because you either don’t have a website OR you want to advertise your killer cooking skills and entice people to your own food blog for more of your delectable delights? Look no further!

We want to encourage all foodie and wine lovers to share recipes with each other because let’s face it, wine is meant to be paired with food and I (Genesis, the TastyVino lady) only have so much to offer. We are always open for fresh (non-paid) contributors from food lovers that want to share with other people via If you have a smashing wine pairing suggestion to go with it – even better!

There are only a few things we ask before you submit your recipes:recipesample

1. We ask that your recipes be finger-licking, slap yourself in the face kinda good! People will be rating your recipes and asking you questions. You definitely want everything to be on point from the very beginning. Show them you’re a foodie rock star!

2. All recipe submissions MUST have a high quality photo. Submissions without photos can’t be published. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on buying an expensive camera. You can take amazing shots with your cell phone. Just make sure it meets the size requirements (at least 2000 X 600 is optimal), is well lit and looks delicious. If you want some tips on food photography, check out our photo tips here.

3. Please understand that we reserve the right to not publish certain recipes, but don’t get bummed out about it. We may have duplicates of certain recipes and/or may not be in need of a certain type of cuisine at a particular time.

So with all of that said…SHARE SHARE AWAY! And cheers!


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