Pimping the Kitchen Keefer Style

August 15, 2013

So who knew that having a new last name would be so much fun? I am finding myself on a monogram rampage since our wedding last month which made me think I was being a little looney. However our friends and family keep sending so many cool, custom gifts with either a “K” or “Keefer” that I now know I’m not the only one having fun! 

There are a few things in particular I wanted to share with my fellow wine lovers because these are specific to vino fun. The following three gifts are currently decking our kitchen area.  As a matter of fact, the champagne bucket was used at our actual ceremony because you KNOW we couldn’t resist popping open some bubbly afterwards. We got married in a vineyard after all. It would have just been weird not to have some sparkling wine. 🙂

I have provided links to their respective websites in the event any one of you want to get some gear of your own or know a newly married couple that might appreciate these. 

Cheers and Enjoy!

1) Monogram stemless wine glasses from Pottery Barn
These are great because they come in so many different styles and they’re not expensive. They come in a pack of 6 for only $40.

2) White wine/Champs bucket from Red Envelope
We searched high and low for this bucket because it was the best quality bucket we could find for the price. This runs for $89.95 and is worth every penny.

2) Personalized vineyard wall sign from Wine Enthusiast
This was a gift from our fabulous friend Jennie. She got it from Wine Enthusiast (which has some kick ass gifts on their site if you haven’t checked it out yet.) It only took us two seconds to hang this in our kitchen and we absolutely adore it.



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  • Red Wine Diva
    August 19, 2013 5:58 pm

    What great items. You might want to check out ETSY for some great monogrammed wine items as well.

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