Photoshop Tricks: Give your photo a warm glow in 3 easy steps

August 15, 2012


Have you ever seen photos that have a warm, angelic glow and wondered how they ended up that way? Well here’s a fast and easy way to create this effect using Photoshop. This works best with photos that have large amounts of white in them (especially outdoor photos). The white helps give it that “ethereal” look.

Open your photo in PS and:

Step 1: Duplicate your photo layer and highlight the new layer

Step 2: Go to FILTER>BLUR>SURFACE BLUR and apply a slight blur to the photo

Step 3: Within your layers palette, choose OVERLAY

Viola! This is your end product:

Depending on the photo and what it looked like originally, you may need to make few adjustments to the skin tones to suit your personal taste. You can also control the amount of “warm glow” applied by moving your OPACITY slider up and down. This example is shown at 100% OPACITY, but if you’re not looking for something as strong, take it down to 50% or so.

Have fun!

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