Pairing wine and chocolate: Not as easy as one thinks

October 31, 2018


Pairing Wine and Chocolate.

You’re at that moment in the evening when the only thing you want after dinner is a glass of wine and your favorite chocolate. You grab whatever wine you have, grab your piece of delicious chocolatey goodness – and then what do you notice? After you eat the chocolate and sip your wine, your wine doesn’t taste like much of anything. WHAT?!!!

Although wine and chocolate are two of the most decadent things you can pair together, the reality is that they don’t go together as seamlessly as one might think. I know. It seems like a crime against the culinary gods; right? That’s not to say they can’t go together because they CAN and DO quite well if you stock your arsenal with these vino/cocoa facts.

Chocolate is very sweet and very tannic. The wax also coats the inside of your mouth which means if you don’t drink an equally strong wine with it, it doesn’t taste like anything when you sip it. You literally can’t taste the nuances of the wine that made it so wonderful in the first place.

While some say pairing chocolate with wine can’t be done with anything other than a sweet wine, others say it DOES by following this simple rule: Match the strength of your wine to the strength of your chocolate because let’s face it, not everyone likes sweet wine. The list below offers a combination of suggestions including sweet and dry.

White Chocolate:

We all know this isn’t really chocolate per say but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it anyway. Opt for lighter, sweeter wines such as Moscato, Rosé Port and Moscato d’Asti.

Milk Chocolate or chocolates less than 59% Cocoa

Opt for a Port, Chenin Blanc, Gewurtztraminer, Beaujolais, Rose, Sherry, or Burgundy.

Medium Dark (60-70%)

Brunello de Montalcino (YUMMMM!), Sangiovese, Tempranillo (Rioja), Grenache, Carmenere, Primitivo, Mourvedre, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz, Baco Noir

Extra Dark (60-70%)

Now we’re getting down to the big stuff! Here I suggest a California Red Zinfandel, Australian Shiraz, a Super Tuscan or a Super Sicilian!

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