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Chocolate Truffles

  Like most women, chocolate is my kryptonite that I am completely powerless against. Today’s photo subject was chocolate truffles.  Forget the fact that there are four bags of them in the house, and I wanted any excuse to dump out an entire bag onto my plate. Of course I had to...

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The Marriage of Wine & Art: Artiste Impressionist Winery and Art Studio in Los Olivos, CA

One of Los Olivos’ best kept secrets is Artiste located off of Grand Ave.  Inspired by Hotel Baudy in Giverny, France, this wine tasting studio is also a functioning art studio and haven for local artists and wine lovers. Not only do they make their own exclusive wine blends inspired by...

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Just Because

Sometimes the grass IS actually greener

I am constantly amazed at how much my life has changed over the past few years. Especially when I get together with people that were part of my life during the “crazy” years, and we can reminisce together (A.K.A. bitch about) all the insanity that we all use to deal with. I was in a...

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