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December 19, 2012

Only six more days until Christmas! Woo hoo!

If you’re not already done with your Christmas parties, there’s yet another festive holiday drink you can make for yourself or your friends/family. Much like my others this one also only calls for a few basic ingredients.

I call it the “Sparkling Poinsettia” and it’s made with:

• Cherry Juice (Ocean Spray makes a good one)
• Sparking white wine (Sparkling Muscato or Asti if you want extra sweet. Otherwise Champagne is good)
• Chambord
• Cherries for garnish

Depending on how many glasses you’re filling, it’s:

• 1 tsp. of Chambord (just a splash)
• 1/4 flute of Cherry Juice
• Fill the rest of the flute with your sparking wine
• Drop cherries in for garnish


* There’s a limited edition Grand Marnier “Natural Cherry” out right now. If you try that instead of Chambord, let me know how it is!

Happy holidays everyone!

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