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March 15, 2012

Looking to have a little fun with your photos and do it under one minute? Well I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s called Luminosity and you can find it under the drop down in your layers pallete.

the WHAT:
The “Luminosity” of a photo is the LIGHT of a photo (to put it simply). So you can easily change the color of your photos by telling your photo to change the LIGHT areas of itself to the layer directly underneath it just by changing the layer style from “normal” to “luminosity”.

the HOW:
1. Open your Photo of choice in your PS or PS Elements

2. Create a new Layer and move it to underneath the photo if it’s not already there by default. (your photo may be locked as a background when you initially open it. To unlock it and turn it into a layer, simply double click on it from within the palette and hit “ok” to convert it into it’s own layer.)

3. Use your paint bucket tool to dump your favorite color onto the blank new layer.

4. Select your photo layer and change the default style from “Normal” to “Luminosity” from the drop down tool.

Viola! Look at that! Just between the two of us, I think darker colors look better, but who am I to stunt your creativity?!

If you get stuck or stumped by doing something in the incorrect order – just remember that your colored layer goes UNDERNEATH the photo always. Here’s a diagram below if you’re like me an need a visual of what everything is.


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