Custom Painted Wine Glasses. Drinking Wine Never Looked So Good.

May 31, 2019

WineMe wine glasses, custom painted wine glassesAre you sick and tired of drinking your favorite vino from a plain ole wine glass? Well, look no further! I might have your solution! I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with wine lover, owner and artist Becky Suriano about her business, Wine Me?, which is a hand-painted glassware company.

Once upon a time Becky was also bored of drinking her wine from plain, clear wine glasses. As an artist and art lover her entire life, she wanted to drink and taste wine at wine festivals with something that had a bit more funk and groove to it. Something that reflected her individual personality. Running into repeated dead ends trying to shop for a glass that was unique and different, she decided to grab her paint brushes and paint a glass that was reflective of her individual style. 

After finishing her first set of glasses, which happened to be the tree silhouette design that you’ll see on her website and in the photo to the left, Becky was swarmed at wine festivals with people asking where she got her cool glasses. She decided to start handing out business cards and eventually set up a booth at a local flea market which was met with enthusiastic response. And thus, WineMe? was born.

Today, Becky paints designs for various people in many different genres. For movie lovers, sports fanatics, classic art lovers (I’m personally in love with the Van Gogh, Starry Night glass), her hand painted glasses are the talk of the town. If you peruse her website and Facebook page, you’ll see the many celebrities that are fans of her work ranging anywhere from Martha Stewart, to some of our beloved housewives from Bravo. You may have even noticed some WineMe? glasses on an episode of RHOC during one of Vicky and Tamra’s wine parties.

Although WineMe? offers a lot pre-designed glasses on her website, have no fear. Plenty of Becky’s business comes from custom orders. So feel free to place an order that will unleash your wild side!

I did a mini interview with Becky to get some more insight into her business and what inspires her…

Your glasses are colorful and beautiful. I love the Van Gogh Starry Night glass! Do you have a WineMe wine glasses, custom painted wine glassesparticular creative process you go through for each piece?
Thank you! I find inspiration all around me. From nature, to books, to movies, to music, it can come from anyplace, but you need to be open to it and looking for it. If you only look for inspiration in one place, I feel like you limit yourself. I look at everything as material for growth. When you develop that kind of mindset, you realize you are surrounded by inspiration.

Do you have regular clients that order Wine Me? glasses as displayable artwork instead of as drinking glasses?
I think it’s about 50/50, although I feel like most of my repeat customers actually drink from them. At every wine festival, one thing that never fails is someone saying, “but they’re too pretty to drink from!”

How does someone contact you about commissioning a Wine Me? glass, and what is the typical turn around time and price range?
For custom orders, clients can email me personally at Custom orders typically range from $50-$100 per glass depending on the time and detail. I encourage people to order anywhere from 4-8 weeks in advance depending on how back ordered I am.

Out of all of the custom design requests you’ve ever gotten, do you have any memorable or favorite stories to tell? Any favorite designs? WineMe wine glasses, custom painted wine glasses
The first custom order I ever received back in 2010 was pretty interesting. They wanted the glass painted as the world and on each continent a different activity. I remember there being a dragon boat, an ice luger, a kite, ice skates, and a swimmer. I didn’t even know what a dragon boat was before then! One of the most challenging orders I’ve ever received was painting the alien from the movie Alien vs Predator. I find that the glasses that seem to be the most difficult to paint, I end up being the happiest with.

I see on your website that you sell wine glasses and a tumbler. Do you have plans to introduce champagne glasses as well?
Absolutely. I will primarily focus on wine glasses because there is such a niche for it, but I do get plenty of emails about champagne flutes especially for weddings. I also plan on introducing coffee mugs into the product line as well.

What food and wine festivals can wine lovers catch you at this year to see your glasses in person?
• LAWineFestWineMe wine glasses, custom painted wine glasses
• Deerfield Beach Wine & Food Festival
• Taste of Dallas
• Alba Vineyard Father’s Day Festival
• California Wine Festival in Santa Barbara
• Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival
• Asheville Wine & Food Festival
• West Virginia Wine & Jazz Festival
• Philadelphia Food and Wine Festival
• Tampa Bay Wine and Food Festival

…Just to name a few!

And there you have it! Be sure to check out Becky’s kick ass glasses and designs on her website at or on her Facebook page here.


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