Champagne Mojitos

December 9, 2012

I have to admit that my original mix for this went awry when I couldn’t find lime sorbet. Can you believe it? NOBODY sells it in my area. Not even Whole Foods and they sell all the hard-to-find things (AKA “weird stuff”)!  The original plan was to have a Champagne Mojito Float. But as life sometimes teaches us, the best detours are always the unexpected ones. 🙂

If you’re already a seasoned Mojito maker, you can easily make this simply by substituting  your favorite Champagne in lieu of soda water.

For the rest of us, it goes a lil’ something like this:

Serves: 2
• 6 ounces champagne, chilled (the sweeter the better so no “extra brut”)
• 8 mint sprigs
• 6 teaspoons sugar
• 4 tablespoons lime juice
• 2 lime wedges
• Rum

1) Muddle mint, sugar, lime wedge and lime juice with a muddler or the back of a spoon until sugar dissolves, about 30 seconds.
2) Strain into a chilled champagne glass or pour it all in like I did if you like the “pulp”
3) Add chilled Champagne and garnish with a spring of mint.
4) Top with a splash of rum

* If you use very sweet sparkling wine such as Moscato D’Asti or Asti Spumante (Italian Champagne alternatives), you probably want to leave the sugar out completely or cut down on portion size due to the sugar level of your bubbly.

Cheers everyone!

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