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Cava: A spanish sparkling wine. Great to taste. Even better on the wallet.

Cava. Now here is an understated, under-appreciated and usually over looked sparkling wine. It’s more or less the Prosecco of Spain because Prosecco (Italian) is also highly overlooked as everyone always seems to focus on the Champagnes of the world. Yet surprisingly Cava is usually very easily found in most major grocery stores which makes it easily accessible and very budget friendly.

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Champagne Mojitos

I have to admit that my original mix for this went awry when I couldn’t find lime sorbet. Can you believe it? NOBODY sells it in my area. Not even Whole Foods and they sell all the hard-to-find things (AKA “weird stuff”)! The original plan was to have a Champagne Mojito Float. But as life sometimes teaches us, the best detours are always the unexpected ones. 🙂

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Simple Holiday Drinks – Raspberry Champagne Float

I am certainly no expert on cocktails. Given that I don’t drink liquor other than the occasional dirty martini (which is more olive juice than anything really), I am more than positive anyone reading this can shame me with some spectacular drink recipes. But if you’re like me and an exclusive wine drinker that wants something festive and less than three steps, you’ve found a new soul sister!

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