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Our wine tour in Tuscany: Chianti Classico

So after 10 months of sitting on photos and trying to make the time to write this, I am FINALLY going to write about our wine tasting tour in Tuscany. While it was only a day long and it seems like it should be easy to blog, I really wanted to do this justice. I also knew it was going to make me terribly nostalgic and wishing I was still in Italy. Ohhhhhh the aching pain to be back there!

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Pimping the Kitchen Keefer Style

So who knew that having a new last name would be so much fun? I am finding myself on a monogram rampage since our wedding last month which made me think I was being a little looney. However our friends and family keep sending so many cool, custom gifts with either a “K” or “Keefer” that I now know I’m not the only one having fun!

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