5 Kick-Ass Wine Apps for Wine Lovers

May 6, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I live with my iPad mini next to me every second of every day. I use it more than my iPhone, and I use it exponentially more than my laptop. I am absolutely positive almost everyone out there feels the same way about whatever mobile device they own, as we have culturally become obsessed and dependent upon them. So, why not let your device become your personal sommelier?

I have downloaded a lot of wine apps over the past few years, and I am excited about new ones ready to hit the app store (be sure and check out WineQ! when it comes out later this summer!) So below I have listed 5 of my personal faves that range everywhere from a wine label recognition app to a full service, personal wine concierge app complete with a concierge service. How’s THAT for some wino service?

hello-vino-app-icon#1: Hello Vino:

This app is some serious one stop shopping. Not only does it tell you what Hello_Vinowines pair with which cheeses, but it also tells you what wines go with foods such as Mexican dishes, Indian food and even spinach/artichoke dip. It includes the flavor profile of each wine along with an audio pronunciation key so you’ll never mispronounce Gewürztraminer again.

Another great thing to mention is that it has a label recognition feature. If you love a wine you’re currently drinking or don’t know anything about a wine you have yet to taste, you can scan the label and it will tell you all about the wine. If you love it, you can store it in the app library along with your own notes and ratings.

As if that’s not enough to make you do cartwheels, it also suggests wines to give as gifts to impress your boss or your mom on Mother’s Day. It even has a wine professional on-call by the touch of a button from your phone. You can actually talk to a live person to get help with your wine dilemmas.

Check it out here on the Hello Vino website, and see all of the amazing features it has!

Price: Free for the base version. Certain features such as the photo scanner require a $4.99 upgrade to the premium version.


#2: Local Wine Events events_sample

This app is very straight forward and runs from the website localwineevents.com. It tells you where to find local wine tastings and festivals in your area.

Local Wine Events has the largest calendar for these events so you won’t find a more comprehensive list anywhere else. I wouldn’t know about the majority of tastings and festivals I have been to if it weren’t for this app.

You can also sign up for a weekly newsletter called “The Juice” that lets you know of upcoming wine events.

This is another definite MUST HAVE in your wino arsenal! Click here to read more info!

 Price: Free


WineQuiz#3: SWE Wine and Spirits Trivia Quizswe

Are you ready to get some geekery on?

Wine Quiz is a trivia app that will test your knowledge of wine in a way that will make you scratch your head and have a whole new appreciation for wine professionals. Created by the Society of Wine Education, this app actually uses questions from a study guide for students trying to test for their CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) or CSS (Certified Specialist of Spirits.)

Wine Quiz is no joke, and you can’t unlock the next level until you pass the previous level. Be prepared to have your wine mind blown.

Click here for the iTunes download.
Click here for the Google Play version.

 Price: Free

#4: Plonk

Plonk is a lightweight app that has a few similar features to Hello Vino, but it’s plonkin an easier to use format. It is perfect for those who want basic wine information without potentially being overwhelmed with too many steps.

With Plonk, you can look up wine and food pairings along with learning useful information about each wine. In addition to each wine’s description, Plonk lists a fun (trivia) fact along with an audio pronunciation guide.

Plonk also features a recommended wine in the form of “if you like THIS, then you’ll like THAT…” which is one of my favorite features. In other words, if you know you like Malbec, Plonk suggests you try “Tannat” because it is similar in taste profile. This allows users to venture out into new wines based upon what they already like. Cheers to that!

Click here to find out more about Plonk.

 Price: Free

 Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 3.01.21 PM#5: Drync

Last but not least is Drync. This is the newest app I’ve added to my arsenal, and I’m completely flabbergasted I didn’t have it until this week. drync

With Drync, you can photograph the label of a wine you like (which comes in oh-so-handy at restaurants) and it will pull up all of the information on it. Drync tells you what other users thought of the wine in addition to giving you any expert wine ratings from Wine Enthusiast and Wine Spectator. And the best part about it? You can purchase it directly from the app. No more Googling wines later trying to figure out where on earth you can find it. Just buy it on Drync and have it delivered to your door!

Drync also has a social networking component. It allows you to follow other people to see what new wines they’ve tried lately and if they liked them or not. How fun is that?

Click here for more info!

And P.S. I’m on Drync now as TastyVino so follow my drinking escapades if you dare!



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