Wine: Riesons to love Riesling

Okay so maybe that wasn’t the greatest play on words. Especially if you don’t know how to pronounce Riesling yet. It’s pronounced …


Custom Painted Wine Glasses. Drinking Wine Never Looked So Good.

Are you sick and tired of drinking your favorite vino from a plain ole wine glass? Well, look no further. I might have your solution! I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with wine lover, owner and artist, Becky Suriano, about her business, WineMe? which is a hand-painted glassware company.

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon

Running the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon

Well, guess what? I did it! I finally ran my first half marathon! After years of registering (and wasting money) on various races, I finally found a half marathon I could sink my teeth into! What better motivation to run your first race than to do it in wine country running along side beautiful vineyards and having a wine festival as the post-race party?!


Cava: A spanish sparkling wine. Great to taste. Even better on the wallet.

Cava. Now here is an understated, under-appreciated and usually over looked sparkling wine. It’s more or less the Prosecco of Spain because Prosecco (Italian) is also highly overlooked as everyone always seems to focus on the Champagnes of the world. Yet surprisingly Cava is usually very easily found in most major grocery stores which makes it easily accessible and very budget friendly.


Fumé Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc really ARE the same thing

You see, back in the 1960’s Sauvignon Blanc didn’t have a lot of street cred. The American versions of the wine at that time were on the sweet side and less than exciting for most people. So Robert Mondavi (we ALL know that name, right?) took the initiative to visit France to see how they created their Sauvignon Blanc. He visited the regions of Loire Valley Sancerre and also the Pouilly-Fumé region whose Sauvignon Blanc at that time was called “Blanc Fumé.”


Grüner Veltliner: Austria’s wine jewel

Never heard of Grüner Veltliner (pronounced Grooner Velt-leener)? Neither had I until last year when a dear friend of mine in NYC recommended I try it as an exotic alternative to dry Riesling or Sauv Blanc. I’m so glad she did because it has quickly become one of my favorite white wines – when I can find it.


A Year in Burgundy: The movie

I had the unexpected pleasure of watching this movie the other night on Netflix. I just happened to notice the “similar movies” …